Changing the color of masonry - and concrete!

Li-MTX Concrete Stain

Achieve solid color saturation with hiding properties similar to paint. Thick lithium-based concrete stain that will not chip, fade, or peel.

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A world leader in masonry & concrete stains

Our passion is adding color to masonry & concrete with products that enhance and protect the structures on which they are applied.

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Nawkaw is a Passport Provider of Continuing Education for the American Institute of Architects. Please call to arrange an informative Lunch & Learn.

Applications for Architectural Stain and Concrete Formliners 1 HSW LU Hour

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Paintenance | pānt(ə)nəns


  1. the certain knowledge that painting concrete surfaces will result in painting them again in the near future, and again in the not so distant future:
    let's avoid paintenance by using Nawkaw concrete stains.

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Dramatic makeovers

Let us update the color of your brick home with our designer colors, plus enjoy the piece of mind of zero maintenance and a 25-year warranty.

Concrete & Masonry Stain:

Nawkaw manufactures and installs the world's finest stains for concrete and masonry. From fifty story precast skyscrapers to brick walls in your own backyard, our award winning technicians will transform your brick, block, stone, concrete or other masonry surfaces with amazing color that won't chip peel or fade.

Our products are in use around the world and have been proven under extreme conditions, from desert heat to bone-chilling cold.

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Masonry Stain

Water Repellent Stain

Lithium Based
Concrete Stains

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Interested in Textured Concrete?

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Nawkaw is proudly associated with the following organizations:

Nawkaw News

Tilt-Up Concrete Association Aims to Reach Students

In the Tilt-Up Concrete Association’s latest issue of Tilt-Up Today, TCA announced that they have created college course material focused on tilt-up concrete. This material, which they have called Tilt-Up Academy, is free to engineering faculty and is designed to fit into both graduate and undergraduate courses.

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Reckli Artico®

At Nawkaw, we enjoy coloring and staining architectural elements to achieve unique finishes for our clients. If you are looking for a way to personalize your concrete in addition to using a concrete stain, US Formliner (USF), our sister company, now offers a product that allows you to transfer virtually any image onto concrete.

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ASLA News Story

Nawkaw products will be featured at the US Formliner booth at the Annual ASLA conference in Chicago from November 6-November 9, 2015. Nawkaw veterans Emmet Croke and Scott Herlache will field questions from attendees.

In addition to showcasing our products to attendees at the conference, we will have information about our company on the ASLA event website. Attendees can look at our "virtual booth" by following this link and searching for US Formliner.

Concrete Signs

Whenever I come across an interesting sign, it reminds me of my first job out of college, working at Sign Graphics in Columbiana, Alabama. Scott Owen, the owner, was a young, incredibly talented artist with a real knack for lettering. This was way before modern technology lent a helping hand to the craft.

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Precast Network

It’s a common scenario. An architecture firm is hired to design a structure in a different state than they are located in. This means finding contractors and suppliers long distance. Well, thanks to a joint sponsorship from Nawkaw and US Formliner, an important part of that equation, finding a precast professional, just got a whole lot easier.

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